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Price List Meikarta

type 1 BR dimulai dari harga 127 jutaan sampai 170 juta. type 2 BR dimulai dari harga 250 jutaan sampai 500 juta. type 3 BR dimulai dari harga 500 juta sampai 600 juta. type 4 BR dimulai dari harga 600 juta sampai 700 jutaan.

Cara Pembayaran Meikarta

cara pembayaran apartemen meikarta Cash Keras diskon 42% + 8 %. DP 5% dicicil selama 6 bulan dan sisanya kredit ke bank 95% (Diskon 42%) Cash Bertahap dicicil 12 x (Diskon 42%) Cash Bertahap dicicil 24 x (Diskon 42%)

Let Me Paint You A Pretty Picture

Many people today are caught in a vicious cycle. People are caught up in a cycle of consumption. I see it all the time when a person calls our office to sell their house and on the surface they seem to be in very good financial shape but after a little digging I find that […]